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Minnetonka Venetian Slip-On are classic loafers which have been redesigned with modern shoe making techniques and modern technologies. These shoes feature top class materials and superior built quality of Minnetonka to ensure long lasting wear and superior durability. These shoes can be used with any casual outfit. They have upper made from pebbled leather which offers comfortable wearing and it can be cleaned very easily to keep these shoes looking new. The upper has stylish leather lacing details which give these shoes modern and trendy looks. The upper also has contrast stitch details to ensure durability and eye-catching looks at the same time. The slip on silhouette of these shoes allows you effortless on and off wearing. The interior has been lined with leather which offers breathability and it also wicks the moisture off your feet naturally to ensure healthy, fresh and dry wearing. The lining deliver great instep feel and it offers abrasion and blister free wearing. The insole has great cushioning to provide premium comfort and support with each step. This insole has been wrapped with leather which makes it more smooth and soft. The insole leather also draws off moisture to maintain dry wearing. The outsole has been made from top notch rubber which keeps the high wear areas of the outsole maximum durable for long term use. The outsole offers flexibility to make your ride natural and it also offers support and stability. The outsole has been engineered to maintain grip on different types of dry and wet terrains for non-skid and secure ride. These imported shoes have ˝ inches of heel and they weigh 13 ounces as per size 12. This style can be found in these colors: Dark Brown Leather and Black Leather.


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I've worn a pair of these for about 2 years straight. 5-6 days a week for 8-15 hrs a day. The boots have just worn out. Tell you what, if you find a better hiking boot that can take that abuse from walking on Hot A$$ asphalt to desert shale climbing to a monument digging holes with a shovel. I've thrown almost everything at these boots for 2yrs straight and Now its time for a new pair. Do me a favor, if you're here looking and reading trying to decide on a pair of boots. GET THEM! I swear you will thank yourself for making the decision.


To be honest, I love these shoes - the fit, style. I've been wearing these shoes for years in all different styles. However, about a month ago my new boots starting to take on a bit of moisture in the toe. I bought them because of the description "waterproof hiking boot construction for full protection even when you’re trudging through snow, ice, water or mud". I wear these boots for very light hiking (not deep snow, usually walking my dog on cleared trails). I bought them back to the store and they offered to exchange them for another pair, but the store manager, who was very nice, told me they will not warranty the second pair. Let's hope the new pair keeps me warm and dry.


I just got these boots and as with all the footwear I've owned, they were good to go right out of the box, perfectly comfortable! The only thing I'm worried about is the cloth lace loops, those ripped on my Chameleon 4's just from pulling the laces tight. But other than that I'm looking forward to new adventures with these boots!


Love these boots! I picked them up a couple weeks ago so I'd have time to break them in before the summer and they are some of the most comfortable boots I've ever had. I'm going to be doing a lot of walking on archaeological surveys this summer so I need something that's not going to give me blisters walking a few hundred miles. So far these have been great!


First of all, I gave this 4 stars simply because I believe there is always room for improvement with anything. These shoes have served me well. YES they are waterproof and I think they do well pretty well in cold conditions as well. I've walked through snow in Yosemite this past winter in them and they were fine, feet never got cold or wet. I was also wearing wool socks. I wear these for light duty construction, hiking, and even running. A good after market insole compliments these well. The shoe can take a serious amount of punishment and the soles last longer than anything I've owned before. I did however experience what appeared to be rare defect in the shoe as toe on one of the shoes uppers failed far before the soles were worn out. After personally emailing them, they offered me a new replacement pair. There was no haggling or defending myself, they simply replaced them. A company that stands by their products speaks volumes. A new customer has become a longtime one


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