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Minnetonka Twin Gore Sheepskin are rich and luxurious slippers which are ready for indoor and outdoor use. These slippers are designed to deliver top notch comfort and support with each step. The plush soft interior ensure that your feet remain cozy and warm during cold weather. The high built quality from top class materials ensure long lasting durability and lightweight construction. These shoes have upper made from original sheepskin which is soft and offers great durability. The upper contours as per the shape of your feet to give you more personalized fit. The upper also has pull on tab at the back which allows you instant wearing. These shoes have slip on construction which allows you effortless on and off wearing. The interior has been lined with plush soft pile which keeps your feet super warm and freezing cold weather. This interior lining draws off the moisture from your feet to ensure odorless, fresh and dry wearing. The lining also deliver luxurious instep feel and you will never want to take these shoes off. The insole has full cushioning of foam which offers great support. The footbed also offers magnificent comfort to your feet so you can wear these shoes all day long without any discomfort or stress on your feet or legs. The outsole has been made from Sierra sole which offers long lasting durability. The outsole is lightweight and it also offers flexibility and stability to keep your ride natural and smooth. The outsole has been designed to offers great grip on multiple indoor and outdoor terrains. This style can be found in these colors: Golden Tan Sheepskin.


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I just bought a pair of these boots. I tried them for a couple of days so far, but looks like it's not going to work. Seems like the second pair of eyelets rub against the base of my toes when I lift my heel when walking. Maybe I need to try a larger size, but the boot feels comfortable. The salesman at the store mentioned that they were more appropriate for narrow feet, maybe that's the problem, my feet must be wider than normal. I'm going back to the store and return these, too bad because I liked them.


I use these boots to wade through muskeg, deep wet moss, and stream beds/shallow creeks all the time. Coupled with a set of decent gaters, they work very well. The tread design is very good at grabbing wet ground and all but the slipperiest rocks and logs. I live in Southeast Alaska and do a lot of photography related hiking and all of this country is wet......and half the time the ground just sinks around your feet. A waterproof boot is a necessity. These are a little heavier and more stiff then a light hiker, but I find that to be a plus in steep country and on rocks giving more positive ankle and foot support. These are comfortable and durable. I'd recommend them to anyone hiking in wet country or needing a more rugged boot for other uses. Fantastic design work


Just one single issue with these otherwise great boots is killing my hoofs ...... Second lace attachment (from the bottom, on the out side of the boot) forms a welt on the inside of the boot under the padding/lining that digs into my foot. Yesterday I retreated from the summit slabs of my training hill, in pain........sad, sad! I've had the boots for about two months and can't break that in. Any advise? Happy holidays!


I submitted an earlier review a few years back on these same pair of boots. Wore these on my 10 day trip to Peru in the Sacred Valley. We did short day hikes. Wore these up Huayna Picchu above Machu Picchu after an all night rain storm. Slick stones and almost vertical climb in some areas. The grip of the soles were incredible. Never slipped. Also brought a new pair of Loess to give my Phasers a break. Both pair were incredible. Wore the Phasers the first 3 days straight - airport, hotel, Lima, and Cusco. Could not believe how comfortable my feet were. Wore with new Nike cotton socks. No blisters.


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