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Minnetonka Pile Lined Hardsole are stunningly comfortable slippers which can be used indoor as well as for a quick run to get newspaper. These slippers have plush soft interior which has been designed to keep your feet comfortable and warm during cold weather. They have very lightweight construction from top notch materials to deliver long lasting durability and comfortable fit. The upper of these shoes has been made from suede which is soft and it molds as per the shape of your feet to ensure perfect fit. The upper has traditional moccasin style silhouette which features contrast stitch details to make these shoes very attractive and appealing. The upper also has 360 degree lacing system which has been designed to ensure snug fit. The slip on construction of these shoes allows you to wear and take them off instantly. The interior has been lined with super soft pile which offers stunning warmth and unbeatable instep feel. This lining traps the warmth inside to deliver you toasty interior environment. The lining also draws off the moisture and ensure fresh and healthy wearing. The lining keeps your feet free from irritation and delivers luxurious comfort. The footbed has been padded with top quality foam which also offers magnificent comfort and support. The footbed allows you to keep on wearing these shoes all day long without any stress or discomfort. The outsole of these shoes has been made from sierra sole which offers excellent grip and usage on multiple indoor and outdoor surfaces. The outsole is lightweight and it offers flexibility to keep your ride smooth and relaxing. These shoes have inches of heel with inches of platform. They weigh just 7 ounces as per size 5 which is quite lightweight. This style can be found in these colors: Tan Suede.


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I wear these almost all year round. Summer, they're kind of hot but still do fine. But perfect for cool/cold weather. it took a six mile hike to break them in and I was hurting a bunch. but right after that, They became part of my foot. I would probably spray them with a few coats of waterproofing before i take them in the snow again. But it was dumb on my part to not bring extra socks. The ankle support is unmatched. I feel like i can do anything in these!


Let me first qualify a couple of facts. I am hard on shoes. Most shoes and yes I have tried all the name brands, and even off brands, last about a year for me. At that point they begin to break down, fall apart, etc... That said.... I bought my 1st pair from Bass Pro Shops almost 4 years ago. Yes 4 years! After about 3 years the inner sole padding finally went kaput and I replaced with an after market insole. Now finally the outer sole is coming apart and the little wraparound piece on the heel is coming off. For a big hefty guy these have been the most comfortable, durable, long lasting shoes I have ever owned. I will never go back to Nike, Reebok, Asics, Skechers, etc.... I would highly recommend a pair of this brand to anyone. The only issue I have is that I cant seem to find anyone local who carries a broad assortment of them locally. They have a couple of different styles, but never what I am looking for. I would normally never buy shoes off the internet. I am so picky about fit and comfort, but knowing how well the originals were and have lasted I think I may have to take a chance.


I purchased these boots for a trip to a deployment in 2008. Three trips to Iraq and two to Afghanistan and they are still going strong. A few months ago I noticed the rubber on the inside and outside toes of both boots peeled back a bit. Since the Afghanistan rainy season was upon me and I was worried about water intrusion I had to repair them with rubber cement. They are no longer a great looking pair of boots (the repair stands out), but they are still a great pair of boots. I found this site because I needed to identify the model number to order another pair. P.S. Midway through the rainy season and I intentionally walk through puddles of water to clean off the caked on mud... I still have dry feet... despite my unsightly repair work.


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