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Minnetonka Over-The-Knee Fringe Boot are super stylish and chic boots which will always catch tons of attention. You will make some serious statement whenever and wherever you will wear them. These boots have tall silhouette from top notch materials to deliver you stunning appeal. These boots have been designed to deliver endless looks, great comfort and protection from cold at the same time. The upper has been made from soft suede which offers you customized fit by molding as per the shape of your feet. The upper also has unique fringe configuration to make these boots more attractive and appealing. The upper also has beautiful cuff and contrast stitch details on the shaft and on vamp to make these boots unique, eye-catching and trendy. The pull on construction of these boots allows you to slide them on easily. The shaft has half zipper which makes on and off wearing more easier. The interior has been lined with leather which offers premium instep feel so you can comfortably wear these boots for long time. The lining also keeps your feet dry and fresh by absorbing the moisture off them. The insole has been cushioned completely and it has been wrapped with leather. This footbed is smooth and it offers superior comfort with each step. The footbed also offers support to enhance the comfort and it draws off the moisture from your feet for healthy and fresh wearing. These boots have outsole made from rubber which offers long lasting durability to the high wear areas of the outsole for long term use. The outsole has tread pattern which maintains grip on different types of wet and dry terrains. These imported boots have inches of heel. The shaft is 19 inches tall with 15 inches of shaft circumference. They weigh 1 pound and 3 ounces as per size 5. This style can be found in these colors: Chocolate Suede and Black Suede.


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I have a 4-year old pair of Phasers that I just replaced with another brand. After 3 weeks I'm wondering why I strayed. My old style are a "little worn everywhere" and it's time to replace them. The left one leaks a bit but that's relatively new and I've certainly gotten my moneys worth. I'm back on this site to do some comparative shopping among the brands, trying to talk myself into buying another pair and sidelining my nearly new bad purchase. The Phasers were comfortable almost from the beginning. They are sturdy and wash easily. I rinse them in some soapy water, rinse well, then dry them in front of a fan. Thanks for a great product.


Love these boots! I have owned 2 pairs of this model. They fit me perfectly out of the box... no break-in period necessary. (I did add a third party insole, which I add to all of my hiking shoes, but they were great even without.) I have worn them extensively in a wide variety of situations and terrain, and found the waterproofing to be flawless, and the durability/ longevity impressive for such an affordable boot. I found them supportive yet minimally restrictive of my range of motion. While the lace lugs are made of a bronze looking alloy to presumably resist corrosion, I strongly recommend cleaning them thoroughly with fresh water, etc. after exposure to salt water. While these boots take a thousand beatings without breaking, salt was the death of my first pair. I treat my newer ones appropriately, and they are doing great. I kind of wish the lace hardware was made of stainless steel for both corrosion resistance and strength related longevity, since they get a lot of salt exposure, but I assume they are not in the interest of minimizing weight. If you are looking for a quality boot that is a great balance of COMFORT, waterproof, durable, and affordable, I HIGHLY recommend checking these out. Like all footwear, TRY THEM ON FIRST IF YOU CAN. Just because they are the perfect fit for my feet does not mean they will be for yours, though from what I have read they seem to be just right for a lot of people! Thanks for making a product that has treated me so well, and also THANK YOU VERY MUCH for continuing to make it in size 15! I have in the past had to compromise with uncomfortable footwear because the potentially good stuff was not manufactured in my size. I am so thankful that they have remained committed to keeping people with less common sizes in great footwear!


I have been a big fan of their footwear ever since my first pair. They just happen to fit me like a glove. With that said, these boots were no exception. I wore them in Afghanistan during the winter and they handled everything thrown at them. Took no break in time whatsoever for me. The only reason I had to switch them up was because of the cold and the deeper snow. The insoles weren't as forgiving on longer outings than I prefer so I did sneak in a pair of orange superfeet which brought my feet close to heaven. Other than that, I love these boots.


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