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Minnetonka Moosehide Fringed Kilty are classic shoes which have modern day comfort to offer. These shoes have evergreen classic silhouette which has been achieved with modern technologies and rich materials to ensure high comfort level and long lasting durability. The lightweight construction of these shoes allow long wearing. The upper of these shoes has been made from original moosehide which is super soft and smooth. The upper can be cleaned very easily to keep these shoes new. The upper has kilty details on the top to give these shoes premium looks. The upper also has prominent whip stitch details which add durability and also enhance the appeal of these shoes. There is 360 degree lacing system which has been designed to ensure snug fit. These shoes have slip on construction which allows you fast and effortless on and off wearing. The interior has been lined with smooth leather which keeps your feet soft and comfortable to ensure irritation free and blister free wearing. The lining keeps your feet dry and fresh by absorbing the moisture off it. These shoes have full cushioned insole which has been designed to massage your feet as you walk. The footbed delivers luxurious comfort with each step and it also offers support to multiply the comfort level. These shoes have outsole made from premium rubber which is flexible and lightweight to deliver you easy and smooth footing. The rubber keeps the outsole durable for long lasting wear. The outsole has tread pattern which offers traction on various terrains for slip free and sturdy stride. These shoes have lightweight construction. This style can be found in these colors: Chocolate Moosehide and Natural Moosehide.


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I am a first time buyer and can't stop wearing these incredibly comfortable shoes! I wore them on a 15 hour overseas flight, which was just perfect. I only wish these shoes came in widths. I need a narrow width and am unhappy that more and more shoe manufacturers do not produce shoes in various widths, as people's feet are different. I bought 2 other styles which I had to return because the sizing was different than this model. The return policy was very generous and fair.


I have been a big fan/user of their footwear for 12 years now. I have over 10 pairs, they are out-of-the-world comfortable, no break-in period, they have always been sheer happiness to my feet. I recently bought an Encore Breeze 2 pair hoping that the upper mesh would provide, as advertised, breathability to the foot in the warm season. Sadly this was not the case, with my pair anyway. I got them in navy blue. They are true to size, the fit is perfect but, astonishingly for a Merrell shoe, they are stiff and they keep the foot hot instead of cool, as expected based on the features in the product description. I was tempted to send them back but I won't. I'll wear them when the outside temperature will be on the cool side. Anyway, I wanted to share my disappointment. Of course, I could have ordered sandals, but I wanted a more conservative summer shoe not to expose the toes.


My excitement was short-lived. Thought I was replacing my favorite blue Primo Breeze II's when I ordered the blue Encore II's. What a disappointment. The shoes are great, but the color has been changed. What on EARTH was Merrell thinking? Check the labels in both - the wonderfully neutral "chicory blue" has been replaced with a misnamed "washed denim" that more resembles "bright cornflower" and is anything BUT neutral. The website shows no other color even close to the old "chicory blue." Don't you have some old-model size 8 Breeze's in chicory blue somewhere in the warehouse? What a letdown.


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